The Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception is a theological term, which was created to described the fictitious and mythical Mary of Catholicism. The immaculate conception does not refer to Jesus being born of a virgin as many have been misled to think. Instead, it centers around the exalted Catholic Mary and her remaining sinless! Somehow, many non-Catholics have been duped about that non-Christian concept which has helped to spread an unscriptural unity with Catholicism. Click here to read more information about the immaculate conception.

Remember: Jesus was born of a virgin, but the immaculate conception of Mary is about Mary (not Jesus) and is very misleading.

[Dan Corner is a former Catholic who sees a great spiritual need to help Catholics find the eternal life which is in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. The real Mary of the Bible has no role in our salvation and needed salvation herself.]