Former Roman Catholic Dan Corner Exposes Catholicism

Former Roman Catholic Dan Corner once believed as Catholics do. This informative flash cartoon with beautiful original artwork and some hard hitting truths can give the details. This video features Maria whose husband unexpectedly dies. She and her son think that buying Masses will help to get him out of Purgatory but is this a Christian practice backed by Scripture? Is the Mass an unbloody sacrifice for sins condemned by the Bible? Does Mary co-reign with Jesus as Queen of Heaven? Was Peter the first pope and should we confess our sins to the priest?

If these things are true, all Protestants should become Catholics. If they are false, no one should be a Catholic or return to Catholicism. This video deals with these sensitive issues in a loving, gentle way. Please share this with your Catholic friends and family who are in need of salvation!

The Rosary

The Rosary Prayer is a highly important aspect of the Catholic faith, but there are many misunderstandings about what the Bible has to say about the Rosary and its role in spirituality.  If you have questions about the Rosary and its message of devotion to Mary, answers are provided.  Dan Corner offers a detailed exploration of the Rosary, the Vatican’s stance on the prayer, and the myths and misunderstandings surrounding this key component of Catholicism.