KJV – King James Version

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is one of the most commonly accepted English translations of Scripture, even though it is filled with archaic language similar to Shakespeare. It was originally translated in 1611 and often just referred to as the “Authorized Version,” especially by devotees.

There are some people who consider the KJV to be the only trusted translation available in the entire world! Some have gone so far as to say the KJV 1611 is more accurate than the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts they were translated from. Others have said if one reads only Chinese, he needs to learn English so he can then read the KJV and learn God’s truth about eternal life! Such extreme views do exist in the King James Only camp.

Dan Corner discusses the King James Version as well as some people who are KJV Only teachers. Dan Corner believes reading the KJV is very hard to understand and very few KJV only people can even pronounce the strange words found in it. Visit Evangelical Outreach.

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