The Tragedy Of A Wasted Life

The tragedy of a wasted life is always the life lived by an unsaved person, but can also be the life lived by a person who has been truly saved by the grace of God! Decades ago, I [Dan Corner] handed a piece of gospel literature to an elderly woman about a wasted life. Almost immediately she broke out crying. I found out later what brought that on. That same woman was saved at an early age and felt she should be a missionary. Just before she was ready to leave, a man asked her to marry him! She did, and she never went to the mission fields or did much to serve God. Now she was elderly (perhaps in her mid seventies) and must have been wondering all those years what kind of eternal good could have occurred had she instead went to the mission fields.

One day this earthly life will be over. If we look back upon it in deep regret, like that woman, or not, depends on what we are doing NOW for God. Are you living your life for God in such a way that you won’t be in deep regret at the Judgment? All Christians should be living to extend his kingdom, especially as ministry opportunities are so abundant and precious souls are perishing all around us.

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