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Dating can often be difficult and spiritually dangerous for Christian singles. A real Christian, who is single, has higher requirements and holy priorities and cannot just meet someone in a bar or at a club, like the unsaved. Another aspect of Christian dating that is different than other singles’ dating, is that a Christian single values the importance of marriage as life long. A Christian single is looking for another Christian, one who also has eternal life, to spend the rest of their earthly life with, as they serve God together.

Holiness Teacher Dan Corner outlines ten important messages for Christian singles who are interested in Christian dating as well as finding someone to marry. To read what the Bible says on this subject, please visit his site at

The Rapture | False Prophecy | Dan Corner Exposes Harold Camping

The subject of the Rapture is an important topic among professing Christians and has recently gained interest from the general public, as another Rapture prediction date came and went via Calvinist Harold Camping. In fact, the second part of that same Camping false prophecy will occur in October 2011! False prophecy has been happening for quite some time as various public figures predict and announce the date of the Rapture based on their faulty understanding of Biblical passages.

Details of the Rapture (from when it will happen to whether it will occur in one or two events) vary greatly among professing Christians, according to various popular teachers.

Dan Corner discusses the clear timing of the Rapture, the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast, pre tribulation, post tribulation, and much more. To read more about the Rapture from Dan Corner, please visit

The Tragedy Of A Wasted Life

The tragedy of a wasted life is always the life lived by an unsaved person, but can also be the life lived by a person who has been truly saved by the grace of God! Decades ago, I [Dan Corner] handed a piece of gospel literature to an elderly woman about a wasted life. Almost immediately she broke out crying. I found out later what brought that on. That same woman was saved at an early age and felt she should be a missionary. Just before she was ready to leave, a man asked her to marry him! She did, and she never went to the mission fields or did much to serve God. Now she was elderly (perhaps in her mid seventies) and must have been wondering all those years what kind of eternal good could have occurred had she instead went to the mission fields.

One day this earthly life will be over. If we look back upon it in deep regret, like that woman, or not, depends on what we are doing NOW for God. Are you living your life for God in such a way that you won’t be in deep regret at the Judgment? All Christians should be living to extend his kingdom, especially as ministry opportunities are so abundant and precious souls are perishing all around us.

The Prodigal Son by Dan Corner

The parable of the Prodigal Son that is found in the Gospel of Luke has been retold in literature, music, art, and on the stage. The basic storyline of the Prodigal Son acts as a morality tale. The story itself is about the younger of two sons who asks for his share of his inheritance before his father’s death. The younger son squanders away all his money in a distant country and is forced to take a lowly, embarrassing job just to survive. When his job is failing to provide for his basic needs, the son has a realization that his father’s workers have much more than he and if he returns, he can beg his father for forgiveness and ask for work. When the son returns, he is welcomed immediately by the father and they celebrate because he got saved again (Lk 15:24). To read more about the story of the Prodigal Son alongside the Biblical passages from where it is from, please read Dan Corner’s verse by verse commentary on the Prodigal Son.

The Greatest Disciples

The Lord’s Twelve apostles frequently discussed who was or would be the greatest. Jesus always gave the same basic teaching about such:

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35)

The greatest disciples are the ones who are last and servant of all, but what does that mean? Are there other Scriptures, which can add to our understanding? When we consider that John the Baptist was the greatest born of woman (Mt. 11:11) and he had no miracles (John 10:41), then producing miracles is not a consideration in being the greatest! (What a blow that truth is to many seeking a sign or miracle and highly esteeming the ones doing such.) So why was John so great among those born of woman, including being the last and servant of all? He was a fearless and powerful Hell fire and damnation preacher, who brought many to repentance. He served people in that way, but also he was very humble. (You can be both bold and humble at the same time.) John also openly taught he was not worthy to untie Jesus’ sandals and always pointed people to the Lord Jesus.

Getting back to miracles, we all need to remember that even demons can produce miracles (Rev. 16:14) and the sorcerers in Pharaoh’s court duplicated some of the miracles of God (Ex. 7:10,11; 7: 20-22), which Moses performed by the power of God!

[Dan Corner has written the teaching entitled, Water Into Wine Miracle.]